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Crafting a Secure Future: Your Guide to a Successful Retirement Savings Plan

Retirement Savings Plan
Retirement Savings Plan

As one leaves past his young, energetic years, the stress of old age and coming of retirement years start looming large. The major stress that is associated with retirement is the cessation of monthly income, but why let this inevitable fact impact your life? With regular and timely investment in retirement plan, you can continue living your life as you are living today, with no change in your lifestyle.

If you want to enjoy your later years as happily as today, avail best retirement investment options for creating a retirement corpus and start investing for the time that is going to come. Fulfil your financial responsibilities and live a peaceful life with careful savings. Invest in Retirement Savings Plan from us at Hexagon Investments and we will help you plan a better tomorrow. While investing you should take into consideration your changing needs like medical expenses, traveling expenses, your monthly expenses and more so that you are able to live a comfortable life without worrying about finances.

The sole purpose of retirement Savings plan is to be capable of maintaining one’s present lifestyle post their retirement and to attain fiscal independence. In order to satisfy their requisites post retirement, the average investors in India usually plough money into LIC policies, MIS, Employee Provident Fund (EPF), and Public Provident Fund (PPF). However, as a result of the burgeoning healthcare costs, higher inflation rates, and increased life expectancy, such schemes possess the likelihood of failing to meet the retirement requirements. You now must be pondering as to what can be the apt investment alternative for Retirement Savings plan. Well, it’s mutual funds. Mutual funds, with their tax-efficient returns and low cost features are the ideal investment option for retirement Savings Plan.

Advantages of Mutual Funds:

  • Tax efficient – Compared to a fair deal of the saving schemes, the Equity Mutual Funds are considered quite tax efficient.

  • Systematic Investment Plan – For retirement Savings Plan, SIPs are the best investment option. Unlike pension plans or PPF, SIPs don’t come with penalties and limitations on steady withdrawals and payments. SIPs permit an investor to also commence chalking out plans for their retirement early in their employment tenure. An early Investment would render the investors with an increased scope for accumulating wealth through the Power of Compounding. To know the nitty-gritty details of how SIPs work, you can also seek the help of a mutual fund distributor.

  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan – The investors can also go for Systematic Withdrawal Plan to fulfil their monthly income requirements post retirement. SWPs sanction the investors to withdraw particular number of units on a consistent basis, such as monthly, quarterly, etc. It furnishes them with a steady income.

Your retirement will be more enjoyable if your income is structured to fit your lifestyle choices and if you have Invested in a retirement plan. Following are the steps:

  • Identify and compare your income and expenses to determine any shortfalls or surpluses

  • Review and analysis the various retirement income strategies

  • Review and compare those retirement income options available

  • Develop an action plan


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